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Company has Grade one Registration with Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Tender Board and “C “Grade Registration in NAMA WATER SERVICES.


The main water feed and sewage lines Muscat/Nizwa network, gives us head way in providing services involving rerouting, repairing and restoring lines in record time andwith the minimum of dislocation to the system.

IT Software Solution

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Being a very sensitive civic need, we take extra effort to ensure that the service is truly loadable. A team of untiring, enthusiastic Engineers & Technicians relentlessly striving for Quality Keeping up the schedule is our asset.


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Company has grad One registration with Ministry of commerce & Industry , Nama Registration, Tender Board

      the fundamental philosophy of professionalism.
      The Essence of quality and delivery on time.
      The continues drive for innovation and adaptability. Solid values with business ethics
      Meticulous Planning Schedule, passing for work makes us stand apart
      The futuristic vision and dynamism lead the NMT in true spirit and enthusiasm for a vibrant tomorrow.



We aim to build a strong and profitable maid service by delivering to our customers a profess- signal service that is always fair, client, helpful, and responsive. We enable our clients to achieve more success, safety, quality, anciency and compliance are the results.


We’re fully committed to doing things right from the beginning and rebuilding trust with clients. This is a long-term sort and SCT, to build long term relations with our clients and customers and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through Innova tin and advanced technology.


We’re committed to building the loyalty of our clients and ensuring that the satisfaction of their needs is central to everything we do. Employees: We’re committed to creating an environment where we can take pride in ourselves, our colleagues and our company.

Quality Policy

Noor Muscat Technology

is committed to provide superior quality services to our customers. We conduct our activities in a manner which will provide maximum protection against health, safety and environmental risks to our employees, contractors, customers, and other related parties. We comply with all applicable legislative requirements which form part of our QHSE management system in line with ISO 9001, ISO 140014, and OHSAS 18001.We conserve and preserve the environment and ensure prevention of pollution. Through continued monitoring and improvement of our QHSE management system, we will endeavour to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, and other related parties.

Building Constructions

Solar Projects

Construction of Water line, Sewer Line


HSE policy
Occupational Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

NOOR MUSCAT TECHNOLOGY Determined in sustainable business and working with social responsibility towards the environment. We priorities the Health and Safety of all people and property involved in our business. In order to achieve these goals and ensure long term success we are committed to strive for excellence in Health and Safety while protecting the Environment. In pursuit of this belief and commitment NOOR MUSCAT TECHNOLOGY has set forth the following commitments

      Give highest priority to Health, Safety and Environment every operation of our business.
      Adopt proactive approach to identify HSE hazards in all areas of operation
      Eliminate the hazards and reduce the risks
      Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements
      Maintain continual improvements by setting HSE objectives
      Promote HSE culture through active involvement of all workers and sub-contractors.
      Provide training and awareness to all employees and sub-contractors
      Ensurs workers are participated and consulted for their HSE issues.

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